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Welcome to

PASS Network 

Home of PASS Pod, a South Atlanta learning community celebrating African American culture.

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PASS Network provides parents with the opportunity to offer their children a culturally relevant, academically challenging learning experience in a safe environment that offers individualized support and authentic learning experiences from a highly qualified educator.



To empower parents to make the best academic choices for their children, empower youths to determine their own pathways to success, and empower teachers to reinvent the modern day educator through entrepreneurship.


Core Values

1. Academic Excellence
2. Culturally Relevant
3. Cognitive Awareness
4. Empowerment
5. Entrepreneurship

April Jackson, Lead Teacher

Meet #ThePASSChick

April M. Jackson, MAED-SE, MAED-CI

With more than a decade of experience in education as an English teacher, project based learning facilitator, academic and literacy coach, April M. Jackson specializes in culturally responsive teaching, curriculum design, and educator coaching. 

She holds a BA in English from Miles College and a MA in Secondary Education and MA in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Phoenix.


In 2020, April established PASS Network to improve parental engagement in education, provide student support and enhance teacher development. In August 2021 she opened the first PASS Pod, a small group learning community designed to ensure students receive a culturally relevant and academically challenging learning experience.

In June 2021, April founded the non-profit PASS Network Foundation to specifically address the academic, emotional and enrichment needs of children in underserved communities. 

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PASS Network is here to support parents' academic goals for their children, provide children with engaging and authentic learning experiences, and create instructional tools for educators. 




PASS University

 EDUpreneurs' Workshop

PASS Network Foundation


ELAvation w/ ThePASSChick

Instructional Resources


“Mrs. Jackson has been a walking computer. She has given vital resources that helped me just by a touch of a screen.”

Betty Huger, ELA Teacher

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